Pasture combines the hard work of chefs, butchers, ranchers, and farmers to serve the community honest and simple food with an emphasis on the source and inherent flavors. Beginning in February of 2019, lunch will be served during the day in conjunction with the rotating sale of fresh pasture raised beef, lamb, and pork.


Kei Ohdera


Born in Ichikawa Japan, Kei moved across national borders and state lines often. Despite his nomadic childhood, the culture and community embedded in food and farms has always held his interest. This has led him to pursue a career as a chef, working under Chef Yamamoto at Ryugin in Tokyo, and his mentor Dan Barber at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Kei’s love of fresh ingredients and rich stories surrounding food led him to Portland, where he became Chef of Farm Spirit. This new project, Pasture, combines his dedication to working with local products, with his expertise in butchery.


John Schaible


Growing up in Montana in a family of nine, hunting and butchering were a normal way of life. Out of this grew a natural consciousness of eating sustainably, ultimately leading John on a path to learn all there is in the art of breaking down animals. Through work under Ben and Brent at the Meat Hook in Brooklyn, NY and Dan Barber at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, John has gained invaluable knowledge and experience around butchery and craft meats.