We offer a variety of different cuts that reflect butchery of the whole animal. Upon request, we can cut steaks and other cuts to your needs. Nothing goes to waste, so what we don’t sell out of the case will be available on our lunch and dinner menus  

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BEEF Price/lb

Ground Beef: $6.99

Smoked Sausages: $10.99

Ribeye: $21.99

Tenderloin: $20.99

NY Strip: $20.99

Tallow/Suet: $3.45/pint

Shank: $7.99

Brisket: $8.99

PASTRAMI: $11.99

Denver Steak: $12.99

Shoulder Tender/Petite: $11.99

Flat Irons: $14.99

Chuck Roast: $7.99

Skirt Steak: $12.99

Bavette: $13.99

Flank Steak: $12.99

Rancher Steak: $13.99

Beef Ribs/Short Ribs: $9.99

Delmonico: $15.99

Sirloin: $12.99

Tri-tip: $13.99

Hanger Steak: $14.99

Merlot Steak: $10.99

Eye of Round: $7.99

Bottom Round: $6.99

Oxtail/Cow Tail: $6.99

TopRound/London Broil: $10.99

Beef Liver: $1.99

Beef Heart: $6.99

Bones/Broth Bones: $2.99

BEEF BACON: $10.99

BEEF Demi Glace: $4.99/8oz

Marrow Butter: $4.50/8oz

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*PASTURE PDX Caters To Your REQUESTS! Please Don’t Be Shy To Ask For Anything Specific Or To Give Us Feedback.

***All orders will be will-call/pick-up only from the current location, within operating hours. Please give orders up to thirty minutes to be filled after confirmation***


Seared and Basted New York Strip