Trent Family Farms LLC

Mike Trent and Alexa Payne operate a small 45 acre property in Cloverdale Oregon that is stocked with sheep, chickens/fowl, and a few donkeys for good measure.

Mike once operated an 800 acre dairy cow operation his family had held, but downsized to what he does now: selling chickens and their eggs with Alexa.

Pasture came in contact with Mike Trent through Revel Meats where Trent Farms now sources culling cows from the neighbors and local farms to give them grazing space with the other animals before their slaughter. It’s through the Trent Family Farm that Portland can taste the real quality of the dairy cows that live and are raised here in Oregon - outside of just their milk and favored cheese products!

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Revel Meat Co. Slaughter House

Located in Canby, Revel Meats strives for community over quantity. Which for small shops and large operations proves how far Oregon agricultural production and support needs to progress until we can actually see what our farmers and ranchers want to sell to us in the cities. Revel works hard to accomplish this.

Founded by Ben Meyer and James Serlin to take over the reins of Oregon production and slaughter from an older generation. USDA approved, Revel Meats Company works with SMALL (small) farmers and ranchers to cull and produce their animals personally, ethically, and humanely. As they grow into their role helping small ranchers, people and farmers like the Trent Family Farm are able to source out their amazing herds and animals.