WHOLE ANIMAL BUTCHERy and Sandwich shop



In 2018 Kei Ohdera and John Schaible embarked on a project to open Pasture Butchery and Sandwich Shop - not the first - in Portland Oregon of whole animal butchery. But we WILL be the first to purely showcase the transparency and honesty you expect from your butcher. Sourcing and supporting Oregon’s best dairy, cattle, pigs, chickens, fowl, lamb and sheep, we intend to bring a variety of product and flavors to the already burgeoning scene but with the flare of intention. This is our long term investment to the community.

We are organizing 'Pop-Up' dinners and lunches to showcase the products and practices Oregon has as well as our own talents and passion for the trait and craft of quality provisions and food.
Pasture needs YOUR help and support to bring the agriculture and ethical animal husbandry into the Portland food scene. This doesn't just support entrepreneurs but the hard working Oregonians who spend every day of every year to raise ethically and humanely loved animals. Through this practice and support YOU, the consumer, builds the future of Oregon and the North West. It starts with a bite and continues with a lifestyle. Taste Something Real. Taste Pasture.


PASTURE Butchery and Sandwich Shop is a business concept that grew from the natural connection of excellence and necessity. Grass fed pasture raised animals just taste better! The farming community in Oregon focuses on milk, which produces older heifers that have lived a full life and need to be culled. Pasture focuses on making these relations and connections with the farmers in Oregon and sourcing directly from the farmers who are looking to NOT sell their prized animals into commodity beef. That’s where we come in.

Pasture strives to support healthy animal husbandry and to bring to the Portland community the best and highest quality of meat that can be purchased over the counter. Integrating a sandwich program and meat counter showcases the product of Oregon ranchers and farmers and offers an affordable approach to accessing quality and reality.

Before we can kick of any storefront business - we need to raise the money to do so! With Kei Ohdera and John Schaible working together, we are selling tickets/dishes to and in pop-ups that will showcase whole animal butchery, kitchen craftsmanship curating cured products, fresh sausages, whole roasts, and steaks along side fresh house baked breads and local produce! To purchase tickets/attend/stay tuned to future events, keep an eye on our Instagram account and here on the websites EVENT page ;)


Check out our Instagram feed with the link below and help fund this incredible adventure on the GoFundUs link to bring the Portland community a little closer to the pastures or Oregon. Every sale and donation brings this opportunity closer.