- PASTURE Butchery is aiming to bring the grass-fed and pasture raised meat to the Portland scene before we even set up shop. Our ‘pop-ups’ will be announced when the spaces are booked. Our menu will be based off of utilizing the whole animal for what will be our sandwich/lunch program when we acquire our own space for a shop. Until then, this menu plus beef sausages and cuts will be sold from the hosting businesses we can operate out of! If you want to know what Oregon agriculture tastes like then come find out for yourself. Good food should be fun!


- House made wheat pocket, with pastrami from retired dairy cow, yogurt sauce, market veggies, and an herb salad

- House made rye-wheat pocket, with retired dairy cow brisket - slow smoked, and served with red saurkraut, mustard, and more slow smoked brisket!

- Retired dairy cow burger on a Japanese sponge bread with market vegetables and choices of condiments

- Retired dairy cow beef sausage on a Japanese sponge bread with red saurkraut

- Retired dairy cow beef salad with market vegetables, herbs, hazelnuts and a light ‘pickle’ dressing.

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